Joining the Clan of the One-breasted Women

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years ago. It was a terrifying event. My husband Yumi and I allowed ourselves to feel the magnitude of the inner terror that we were both experiencing. And then Yumi said: “How long shall we feel afraid? Three hours, four? After that it is not an event to cope with anymore. It is an adventure to be lived.” He re-named cancer the “cellular challenge.” And he named the adventure we were embarking on “rallying around the boob.”

We called those who rallied with us the “boob brigade.” A friend, who observed our unique approach, interviewed me about my embrace of the “cellular challenge.” It became a book called “Sacred Choices: The Gentle Art of Disarming a Disease and Reclaiming Your Joy!”

Twenty-one years later, an uninvited guest knocked at my door; a diagnosis of breast cancer, a new and different cellular challenge. I decided to write about it. I am calling it: “The Diary of an Amazon.”


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Testimonials about THE DIARY OF AN AMAZON: Joining the Clan of the One-breasted Women:


  1. Sharon Day

    Generating Power in the Face of Terror

    A relapse cancer diagnosis is never good news.

    Finding someone whose life hasn’t been touched by cancer and its typical course of anguished decline and death would be tough indeed. But finding someone whose life has been blessed, enhanced, expanded, enlivened, and deepened by cancer—not once but now twice—now that is a rare phenomenon worth celebrating, and worth checking out!

    Reading Diary of an Amazon felt like inhaling fresh air, like stepping into sunlight. Each page is deftly crafted to convey the mindful, forward-looking decisions and actions that its author, Hedy Schleifer, chose for herself as her skillful path to wholeness during a time when many would simply trudge resignedly towards making the best of what they might assume be their few remaining years.

    This slim powerhouse of a book contains no mere Pollyanna, positive thinking. The stories and musings vividly share Schleifer’s tough-minded determination to LIVE. To THRIVE. And in so doing, her body, her very cells, responded to her intent, receiving each medical treatment fully, releasing anything unneeded, and inclining towards wellness.

    Deeply inspiring and uplifting (and often hilarious!) for anyone who wishes to generate vibrancy, power, and transformation in the face of any sort of challenge, whether a dire health challenge, or a simple tough day.

  2. Anne Wotring (Maryland, USA)

    Looking for an enlightened, positive approach to breast cancer and mastectomy? Look no further….
    Thank you, Hedy, for sharing your story of “joining the clan of one-breasted women!” Having a similar story myself, thankfully 28 years ago now, I really appreciated hearing the many ways you and your husband, working together, overcame your fears of breast cancer and surgery. Your positive, enlightened reframing of it is both powerful and healing. For me, the most impressive aspect was how you created your “rally around the boob” team – telling all the guardian angels who saw you through the process – doctor’s, nurses, family, friends, dance instructors and lingerie experts – that they wore this important and honored distinction — “boob team” members. Did they get gold ribbons??!!!

  3. S. Stern

    Hedy is a force to be reckoned with and breast cancer is NOT going to stop her. Written in Hedy’s way with humor and wit, it was a book that showed me how brave one woman can be and how important support is!

  4. Etta Goldman, Clinical Social Worker, Imago therapist

    I have just finished reading your Diary of an Amazon. What a unique journey! What a unique individual! It was a bit of a rollercoaster to read, and I found myself profoundly involved – at times laughing out loud; other time tears rolling down my cheeks; awe and wonder at the spiritual connections, and your unwavering connection to the Upward Trend, no matter what. I know your last chapter was about bringing conscious understanding to this ‘tikkun’, but thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us, including the elements which propelled you on your ‘adventure.’ It is a legacy for us all. But mostly it is “100% authentic Hedy”!

  5. Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT

    I am enjoying reading your Amazon Diary and feel very honored to have the opportunity. You are a deep inspiration to me on this journey of life.

  6. Geraldine Hollander, M.A.

    Thank you so much for sharing this diary! It is masterful and I could not put it down. I am so in awe of you!


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