Encounter-centered Couples Therapy 10-Part Video Program

Are You Ready To Leap Into A New Frontier In Couples Therapy?

“Encounter-centered Couples Therapy”,
is a must-have tool for the Couples Therapist,
in creating authentic relational transformation!

Watch Hedy Schleifer as she guides a couple from their unconscious, reactive “survival dance”, to the realm of the “Encounter”, where they experience joyful relaxation in connection. Follow the couple as they travel through time, first to the Future, back to the Past, and then forward to a new, life-giving Present. Learn how “three invisible connectors” illuminate the path towards “relational maturity”.

In this program you will find 10 DVDs called:

The Three Invisible Connectors: An Introduction to Encounter-centered Couples Therapy
The Wildest Dream: The first step in the journey. Embrace the Future by putting inspiring, life-affirming images on the horizon
The Wygelian Couple: Discovering the “survival dance” of the couple
Crossing the Bridge: The first embrace of the three “Invisible Connectors”
Crossing the Bridge on the Other Side: Becoming “bi-lingual”: learning about the two different worlds of a couple
A Moment of Closeness: Visiting a time of intimacy through “into-me-see”
The Secret: An expected occurrence in the journey, giving the therapist a chance to cross the bridge to one partner
The Neighborhood of Childhood: Embracing the Past by the encounter with the child of the past
Practicing a New Wisdom: Stretching the relational muscles
The Gratitude Ritual: A blessing for the road

The Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (EcCT) program is a boxed set which consists of one 55 minute DVD, and nine 20+ minute DVDs (total running time 235 minutes). The first segment is Hedy’s introduction to EcCT. The other 9 segments are the filmed version of Hedy’s two day Intensive session with one couple. Each 20 minute segment shows one step of the structure of the EcCT Intensive session. The box also contains a booklet with all the distinctions a Couples Therapist can begin to focus on and deepen their understanding of during the viewing of each segment. Viewing the whole session makes accessible every step and decision a Couples Therapists makes in every instant of the work. It assists the Couples Therapist in looking at what is quintessential in the couple relationship.

Hedy Schleifer, M.A., L.M.H.C. is an internationally known couples therapist, workshop presenter and clinical trainer. She has pioneered the training of Imago Relationship Therapists internationally. In 2010, Hedy founded the Tikkun Learning Center, an educational institution dedicated to the teaching of relational technologies for the 22nd century. Hedy currently trains therapists in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, as well as business and organizational leaders, in the power of connection. Hedy envisions a world dedicated to relational transformation and the creation of a planetary culture of relational maturity.

Testimonials about this Video Program:


  1. Kareen Caputo

    Wow ! The encounter centered couples 10 DVD program is an outstanding learning experience. I have watched the DVD’s several times. I have become really enthusiastic in doing the work of relationship at home and with my clients using the techniques illustrated in the videos. The 3 connectors are not only effective ways to get partners to feel really safe with each other, they bring poetry to our work as therapist, a much better suited language for love.

  2. Gene Gardino (New York, NY)

    Dear Hedy,
    I am wondering if I can purchase your 10-CD course for electronic, streaming viewing instead of in CD form ?
    Thank you…Gene Gardino, LCSW

    • Geoffrey Swetz

      Hello Gene,
      YES you can. We actually just finished setting it up, so the product page is not live yet. You can digitally access this program now and all of Hedy and Yumi’s audio and video programs at: http://www.iplayback.com/hedy-schleifer-digital-access
      Warm Regards

  3. helit assa

    הדי ויומי היקרים,
    עברו מספר חודשים מאז הסדנא המקצועית אותה עברתי אצלכם. לקח לי שבוע ימים לרדת מענן האושר והתקוותיות שנחת עלי בעקבות אותה סדנא.
    הדרך שלכם מקצועית, מפרה, מרתקת ועושה את העבודה.
    מאחלת לכם הצלחה ואושר והמון בריאות על מנת שתמשיכו להגיע ולהפרות אותנו, היועצים…
    תודה רבה לכם על שחלקתם אתנו את השיטה.
    בברכה, הלית אסא
    יועצת זוגית

  4. Gerda Anna Muyen, LCSW

    I am a therapist, and I have watched the EcCT Video Program. I have implemented some of your techniques and they work fabulous. I am planning to watch the DVD ‘s again and take notes so I have a more in depth view.

  5. Sven F Midelfort

    Intriguing! It reminds me at this point of what I’ve learned from/about Judith Jordan of the Stone Center at Wellsley.

  6. Laura Taylor. BS. CFLE prov

    I am so glad you have produced this video! It has enlightened me very much in practical applications of the Encounter Centered Couples therapy methods. It compliments my Trauma Incident Reduction facilitation, and has been very effective in continuing the self empowerment my clients have regained through their experience as a couple. Really an answer for our era, to repair we need to “re-pair”! Thank you so much!

  7. Janice Levine

    Beautiful, evocative, meaningful and true. Hedy’s work offers a profound understanding of the space between us, and why connecting in this sacred space is the key to our survival on the planet.
    Janice Levine, PhD

  8. Peter le Breton

    Hedy & Yumi,

    I thank you both for your inspiring and transformational work on connection and relationship. My wife of only twenty years and I watched your film, Crossing the Bridge, in awe and with wet eyes a year ago. Our strong, yet at times rocky, relationship has become stronger and more vibrant since then. We have shared your film with several other couples, who have in turn been touched by your teaching and therapy.

    Peter le Breton

  9. Leo Dhont

    I am very excited by the magic in this approach and look forward to imbibing this wonderful process into my own work with couples!
    Leo Dhont, Advanced Clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy

  10. Dita Teitelbaum

    Being the ‘silent witness’ I had the amazing and unique chance of seeing a Master at work, using your voice, eyes, hands, smile, laugh, and whole body in the service of creating safety in the space in-between, as well as trust in the process. What a spectacular teachable moment it was for me! No university degree, nor book, nor seminar could give me the in vivo experience of watching how to help the partners connect on the deepest level. It would be an understatement to say that it was an invaluable experience. One could only dream of being able to be present as their mentor works the process, meeting head on the practical challenges of engaging a couple who is trying to make sense of the pattern of behavior that has been etched on their brains since childhood and, unfortunately, reinforced incessantly by many years of being in unconscious relationships. It energized and helped me to recommit myself to be diligent and mindful when I help couples to create the safety necessary to cross the bridge. Dita Teitelbaum, MSW LCSW

  11. Esther Perel (New York, NY)

    I experienced the kind of deep learning that is destined to make me grow as a therapist. This is “reality” supervision, happening live, in real time, right in front of you. What can be better than having your own private university.
    Esther Perel, MA, LMFT – best-selling author of “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence.”


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