“Hedy & Yumi: Crossing the Bridge” Documentary

Connecting the World One Couple at a Time

Winner “Best Documentary” at the 2009 LA Femme Film Festival in Hollywood, California, this documentary is the story of Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, recognized amongst their peers as one of the world’s most dynamic and inspiring relationship building teams.

This film is produced by two-time Emmy award-winning director Robyn Symon, who also directed “Transformation: The Life & Legacy of Werner Erhard.” Executive Producers Anne Dobbie & Dennis Ewasiuk, a husband and wife team who came to an Adventure In Intimacy workshop for couples, decided to capture Hedy and Yumi’s story by producing this film.

“Hedy & Yumi: Crossing the Bridge”

Fueled by their own emotional scars from the Holocaust and their power struggles during the early stages of their four decades of marriage, Hedy and Yumi teach a skill set for couples that leads to passionate, rewarding, and lasting relationships. They now travel the globe teaching the “power of connection” among couples and nations.

Follow Hedy and Yumi into their Adventure in Intimacy workshops in Vancouver, Vienna and Israel where you will witness the transformation of couples as they are “Crossing the Bridge” to each other, an intimate ritual designed to eliminate the emotional pollution that exists in the “sacred space” of our relationships.

The Introductory Package includes:

“Hedy & Yumi: Crossing the Bridge” documentary on DVD
“Crossing the Bridge” Four Audio Programs with Hedy (4-CDs)
“Miracle of Connection” Three Audio Programs with Hedy (3-CDs)

For more detailed information on the making of the film, directors, producers, and a press kit, visit www.crossingthebridgefilm.com

Executive Producers: Anne Dobbie & Dennis Ewasiuk
Produced and Directed by: Robyn Symon
Director of Photography: Wes Malkin
Music by: George Blondheim


  1. Margery Silverton, LCSW-C, Relationship Counseling Services (Maryland, USA)

    The DVD brilliantly demonstrates the power of Hedy’s work.

  2. J. Finneren MA, LPC, CIRT

    A group of us Imago therapists watched it together. We were all moved.

  3. Joan Marineau, LMHC, CAP, Imago Coach

    It is inspiring, brilliant and moving. A must have for any marriage and family therapist, imago coach or helping professional.

  4. Laura Hugelmeyer, Imago Therapist, Netherlands

    The film is so beautiful, so inspiring, that you leave knowing you owe it to yourself to make the effort to live life to its fullest…an asset to my work as a couples therapist.

  5. Burt Bertram, Ed.D.

    I just finished watching “Crossing the Bridge” and am very moved. On so many levels, it is a wonderful work of art. Technically it is stunning – the visuals, the music, and the symbols are so powerful – they greatly facilitate the telling of your magnificent journey.

    But of course, more than a technical work of art – it is a beautiful, tender, and honest telling of your story. I once knew some aspects of an earlier version of your story; with this video I have been granted access to new chapters and to the clarification of older chapters that only time, perspective, and courage can afford. You both give voice to a truth about the power and resiliency of a loving relationship – that it must be nourished with honesty and risk-taking. I appreciate how the video story captures and models these essential ingredients.

    I know this video will become a classic. I deeply appreciate the inclusiveness of the video – you did really good! I can say with certainty – it will be a center piece of the Couples Counseling course I teach every Spring at Rollins in the Graduate Studies in Counseling Program (MA Mental Health Counseling). Students will love it! It will speak to them on so many levels. Know that you will become a legend in my class.

  6. Angelika Schwab-Orel

    Liebe Hedy, lieber Yumi!
    Ich möcht euch einmal von ganzem Herzen danke sagen für die unendlich große Hilfe, die wir auf eurem Seminar vor vielen Jahren in Österreich bekommen haben!
    Ich kann mir gar nicht mehr vorstellen, wie ich Konflikte mit meinem Herbert bewältigen könnte, wenn ich nicht die Art der “Brückengespräche” von euch gelernt hätte.
    Erst vor kurzem haben wir wieder einen Konflikt gehabt (jetzt sind wir immerhin schon 35 Jahre verheiratet). Wir haben drei Tage nicht miteinander gesprochen.
    Dann das erste Brückengespräch, am nächsten Abend das zweite Brückengespräch. Danach war alles klar und unsere Beziehung geht weiter.

    Aber das Beste an der Geschichte ist: wir können diese Art der Gespräche unseren (sechs) erwachsenen Kindern weitergeben!
    Ich habe auch schon zwei mal innerhalb der Familie Brückengespräche moderiert und damit Streit und Zerfall der Großfamilie verhindern können.

    Ihr habt mein Leben völlig verändert – durch eure Anleitungen und durch euer autentisches Wesen (als Einzelpersonne und als Paar).


  7. Dr. Alicia M. Homrich

    We have shown this video to graduate mental health counseling students who are specializing in family and relationship therapy in their final semester of the graduate program. It is impactful and very memorable to them as they begin considering their career direction in relationship therapy. I highly recommend this video not only for training but also to get a very special sense of the amazing vision Yumi and Hedy have developed for the sacredness of intimacy and the potential healing power of relationship. This is a turning point perspective in a partnership!

  8. Taylor Hill

    I am five months away from being 80 years old, and can honestly say that I do not know any two human beings more authentic than Hedy and Yumi Schleifer. They have contributed to my life and spiritual journey personally for many years. Their video Crossing the Bridge is an excellent tool to help people to make the most important connections in our lives–our personal relationships.


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