Recovering from an Affair:
A Couple’s Journey From Affair to Reconnection

Recovering from an affair can be difficult. "From Affair to Re-connection" is a two-hour video program from master therapist Hedy Schleifer for couples wishing to heal from an affair.


For many couples faced with adultery in marriage, trying to repair their relationship and recover from the infidelity is a significant challenge.  Hedy's purpose is to share her knowledge and experience with couples who are willing to take steps toward forgiveness and healing, but are unsure of where to begin.

Recovering from an Affair is difficult. From Affair to Reconnection is a 2-hour video program by master therapist Hedy Schleifer for couples wishing to heal after infidelity.

UPC 880567102719

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This program is a two-hour edited version of the "Affairs: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection" training program for therapists.

Order the set of two DVDs, or watch the program immediately by ordering the video program digital downloads.

Watch Hedy assist a couple with recovering from an affair, by utilizing her Encounter-centered Couples Therapy method in a two-day session. You will discover an original approach that will assist you in recovering from infidelity, and learn how to generate stronger bonds in your post-affair relationship.


Recovering from an affair and rejuvenating your relationship may seem impossible. Without proactive steps toward healing after infidelity, it is difficult to repair the emotional connection that you once had. If reconnecting with your partner is something that you want to accomplish, take the step today to learn about the most successful method for doing so with this one-of-a-kind informational DVD set.

Recovering from an Affair is difficult. From Affair to Reconnection is a 2-hour video program by master therapist Hedy Schleifer for couples wishing to heal after infidelity.

UPC 880567102719

Have you experienced infidelity in your relationship
and want to reconnect with your partner?

You may have experienced overcoming difficult times with your partner in the past, but the process of recovering from an affair is unique in that it brings forward greater challenges and more intense feelings than almost any other relationship obstacle.

Hedy's "From Affair to Reconnection" program will show you the path to forgiveness, reconciliation and healing after an affair. It is vital to understand the complex emotions that can be brought to the table by scenarios of unfaithfulness and betrayal, and this powerful program will outline what you and your partner need to heal and reconnect. You will receive expert guidance and learn an effective way to approach your unique situation.


About Hedy Schleifer:

This ground breaking program was designed and created by Hedy Schleifer, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for over 30 years. Hedy has a wealth of experience gained from years of working exclusively with couples, training relationship therapists, and speaking about her passion throughout the world.  Hedy’s own personal and professional experiences have guided her to become a master in the field of couples therapy, and specializes in her uniquely developed approach of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy.


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For Therapists: “AFFAIRS: A Step-by-Step Process for Reconnection” is a 9-part training program designed for professional therapists to become experts in healing couples who have been unfaithful. This program is ideal for therapists who are looking to broaden their knowledge and skills on issues of infidelity.


Testimonials about this Video Program:

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  1. Elly Wynia, LCSW, Individual and Couples Therapist

    I have been watching your videos on Affairs with a colleague. We have both been learning a lot. THANK YOU for bringing more knowledge of your work thru the excellent videos.


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