Relational Therapy for Couples : The Tikkun Approach

Explore Hedy Schleifer’s conversation with Aviva Mazor, chairperson of the Israel Marriage and Family Association. Hedy will take you through her professional evolution, and describe in-depth, her approach to guiding couples through the two-day private intensive sessions called Encounter-centered Couples Therapy Intensive.

This 52 page booklet describes in-depth Hedy's EcCT Intensive private session program, and contains valuable insights into Relational Therapy as it has developed over her career.

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You will have an intimate look into Hedy’s innovative combination of techniques, which are used to help couples build and re-build the connections in their relationships. Imago Relationship Therapy, the philosophies of Martin Buber, Appreciative Inquiry, findings from Relational Neurobiology and Hedy’s personal relationship experience, all come together to form the “Tikkun Approach.” Tikkun is Hebrew for the combined concepts of “Healing, Repair, Transformation, and Completion.”

Within the "Relational Therapy for Couples" booklet, Hedy reveals, step-by-step, the renowned “Crossing the Bridge” process which provides a profound “visit” to the world of the partner. Additionally, Hedy describes the processes of the 90/10 formula, fertilization of the relational space, the existential cry for help, the three-legged understanding, and the concept of Relational Maturity.

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