Two-day Private Sessions for Your Couples

Journey alongside your clients as they work intensively with Hedy, and learn in “your own private university”


If you find yourself unable to move forward in your work with a couple, and would like to take them another notch deeper, or open a new door for them, you may wish to encourage your couple to attend a two-day Intensive session with Hedy. You can be present at the session as a witness and student of Hedy's revolutionary work with couples.

~ Gwen Pearl, LCSW (Washington, DC)
~ Gwen Pearl, LCSW (Washington, DC)
I couldn’t have imagined how much I would benefit by being a therapist observer and witness to my couple’s intensive. Hedy was able to grow a profoundly deep connection between two people who had been in emotional rupture for years. They came back from the edge of a cliff, and I ...
Esther Perel, MA, LMFT (New York, NY)
Esther Perel, MA, LMFT (New York, NY)
Being in the presence of this master therapist, I experienced the kind of deep learning that is destined to make me grow as a therapist.  
Leo J. Dhont, LCSW (Wheeling, IL)
Leo J. Dhont, LCSW (Wheeling, IL)
As I observed in person Hedy’s work with these two couples, I literally watched them each transform their relationship into one of surprising depth and loving connection. 
Dita Teitelbaum, MSW, LCSW (Miami, FL)
Dita Teitelbaum, MSW, LCSW (Miami, FL)
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to witness you work with my couple. It was an incredible opportunity for me to see you “up close and personal” doing your ‘magic’ with two very wounded and wounding people. 
Deb Hardman, MSW, LCSW (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
Deb Hardman, MSW, LCSW (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
Having Hedy come to my office was a gift to my couple, but it was a greater gift to me. One to one teaching from the master.”
Mark Rutherford, MD, LCSW (West Palm Beach, FL)
Mark Rutherford, MD, LCSW (West Palm Beach, FL)
The private session I was able to sit in on with Hedy was one of the most educational experiences as a therapist that I have ever had. 
Dr. Jim J. Wisecup, D. Min (Stamford, CT)
Dr. Jim J. Wisecup, D. Min (Stamford, CT)
It was important for me to be there while Hedy so lovingly facilitated the exploration of their issues. 
Dita Teitelbaum, MSW, LCSW (Miami, FL)
Dita Teitelbaum, MSW, LCSW (Miami, FL)
What a spectacular teachable moment it was for me! No university degree, nor book, nor seminar could give me the in vivo experience of being in the same room with just you and the couple and watching, sensing, ‘smelling’ and ‘tasting’ on a visceral level how to help the partners ...
Dr. Jim J. Wisecup, D. Min (Stamford, CT)
Dr. Jim J. Wisecup, D. Min (Stamford, CT)
In her incredible way, Hedy was able to reach into their “hurt places,” fostering the relational space between them, and creating with them a fertile soil for deeper understanding and connection. She was able to help them re-experience their longing for their “lost love.” 
Mark Rutherford, MD, LCSW (West Palm Beach, FL)
Mark Rutherford, MD, LCSW (West Palm Beach, FL)
As a clinician, I am constantly looking for new and inventive ways to help my patients. Hedy delivered in spades!!! I learned more in that day than I did in whole semesters in some of my graduate clinical classes.

Esther Perel, the best-selling author of “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence,” wished for one of her couples to attend the two-day session. During the session, Esther sat behind Hedy as an observer, and silently lent her presence to the process. During lunch breaks and at the end of each day, Hedy and Esther sat for a debrief and review.

Here is what Esther said:

"For two entire days I watched Hedy work with a couple I was seeing in therapy as she artfully, generously and systematically added layer upon layer to the process we were engaged in. Being in the presence of this master therapist, I experienced the kind of deep learning that is destined to make me grow as a therapist. This is “reality” supervision, happening live, in real time, right in front of you. What can be better than having your own private university." Esther Perel, MA, LMFT (New York, NY)

Below, you will find many more testimonials from therapists who joined their clients at the two-day Intensive session. We also invite you to watch a segment of a two-day session.


Therapists from around the country and around the world, who have joined their couples in their sessions with Hedy, have shared with us four distinct advantages of being present at their couples' session:

  1. It is a profound training experience - revolutionary, deeply instructive, nourishing and rewarding
  2. The EcCT* processes that Hedy uses are clear and effective, so that you will know exactly, minute by minute, what is happening during the session
  3. You will receive a copy of the session report that is given to the couple, along with Hedy’s recommendation for your next steps with your couple
  4. You will intuitively know exactly how to continue the journey of connection with your couple, because you will have been with them every step of the way


"I highly recommend taking the time and the effort to witness your couple work with Hedy.  She worked with a couple I had been seeing for nine years.  I got to see them in a new light. I learned things about them I didn't know. Most importantly I was witness to the deepest truth of who they are individually and as a couple so I can bear witness to that truth in the future, when the light they found with each other under Hedy's guidance inevitably gets layered over by the daily grind of life.  The intensive not only bonded me more deeply to the couple but the couple more deeply to me.  Professionally, it is always wonderful to watch Hedy's mastery and she has some processes unique to an intensive I had not experienced before.  In summary it's an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to bond with your couple, and an opportunity to expand the boundaries of your work in new and meaningful ways."

Josh Gressel, Ph.D

At this time in her life, Hedy is experiencing the joy and gratification of being given the opportunity to transmit the combined years of experience she has in couples therapy. The integration of her work in what she calls her "laboratory for couples" has culminated into what she has called Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (EcCT). The video below is an interview where Hedy discusses EcCT:

Through this she created the 2-day intensive session. If you believe that being exposed to this experience could help your couples and your own work with your couples, get in touch with us.

Hedy is primarily available in Washington, DC. However, depending on her schedule, she is sometimes available in Miami Beach, FL, and cities throughout the world. To find out more information, have all your questions answered, and find out what dates are available for your couples, please contact Geoffrey in our office by calling 305-604-0010 or via the form below.

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“Healing After an Affair” is a two-day experience developed by Hedy, for the repair of the rupture, in the relational bond of couples, created by an affair. The private intensive session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together.

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