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These are some of the learnings from the current Master Class.

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  1. Dr M C (Ian) Opperman, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa

    Please convey my deepest gratitude to Hedy and Yumi. I have completed the Two Day Intensive with more than 20 couples since I learned, and hopefully mastered the technique. It has changed my approach to couples fundamentally! Please thank Hedy for the great gift she gave to couples all over the world, and specifically South Africa.
    Hedy and Yumi are two of the handful of people who have transformed my life, both personally and professionally, and I am profoundly thankful for their contribution to make me a better human being, and a better couples therapist.
    With deep gratitude

  2. Ethel Zivotofsky & Bill Taeusch from California

    It was exceptionally beneficial that, Bill, my partner, joined me for each of the six master classes.

    My descriptions of the classes would have been no match for his being there and participating with me. Together we gained first hand knowledge of Hedy’s masterful ECCT work and consequently we were able to
    converse about the exciting work I do with couples.

    We met very interesting people from all over the world; we enjoyed their company together and now we have a group of shared friendships. We traveled, twice a year, for three years and enjoyed a mini vacation together each time.

    Most important, Bill and I, as a couple, were privileged to work with Hedy, the master teacher.
    Her teachings and unique approaches to enhancing our relationship helped us mature as a couple. We learned a common language ( the space, the bridge, the encounter) and tools for us to use in order to bridge the gap (especially when we are stuck). Our relationship has grown by leaps and bounds; I don’t think we could have done this without having Bill with me in the class. We have both learned so much about ourselves and each other.

  3. Elahe Mehrel from Florida

    This morning, while jogging/bridging (our holy ritual), Thomas and I were talking about:
    It would be a great idea, if we write down some of the innumerable deep learnings and re-learnings we had during this past Master Class session. I often make a point of recording my deepest “aha” moments to enrich and absorb and integrate them into my personal and professional life. Here is what we came up with today:

    1- We learned to say: “I am so glad this happened!”, with every cell in our body, when challenges arrive.
    It works like a miracle, it opens the eyes of the soul, to see from a different POV.
    2- We learned that when we visit, we need to let the words of the “host” go down to our toes, before we mirror them.
    I also share that with my clients, it creates a whole new set of ears…
    3- We have learned to notice the “main square” of our lives, and stay authentic, for longer and longer periods of time together.
    4- We learned to engage only in thoughts or judgments about others or ourselves, that are in the service of the relationship, by YESSING ourselves and not double guessing ourselves! (you need to translate these, since you and Yumi invent new words every time we see you!).
    5- Most of all, how we showed up with our adult children, they were wondering what we were “on”!
    Perhaps because, during the week, we had several opportunities to be the couple, who were facilitated by some of the “most amazing, intelligent, beautiful, creative people in the world”, namely, anyone who is lucky enough to attend the Master Class.

    With profound love and appreciation;

  4. Deborah Leeds from California

    Writing the composition of this testimonial is almost a regular part of my day.
    Because there are so many moments when an attribute – like courage, or optimism – comes forward in me, and I will think, “Hedy”. Or I will find myself struggling with something, and recognize that it would help If I adjust my attitude, and I will think, “Hedy”. Or I will feel inspired in my work with couples, take a chance, trust ” the turning of the magnets”, hold my place as coach or educator, feel my passion for the power of presence in connection, love the process, and I think of you. With love and gratitude, I think of you.

    You may recall that my time as a student in the Master Class has been marked by personal loss. This continues right now, as my beloved friend and colleague, Amie, is dying of cancer. So my energies and focus during this time have risen, fallen, resumed, collapsed, and reached in every direction. But the learnings for me, from the class, from you, Hedy, have been the thread that I grab or eagerly return to again and again. I tell friends and colleagues that it is perhaps the best thing I have done in my life. It has been that meaningful, fantastic, growthful, and yes, life- changing. A level four learning, for sure.

    I am remembering the moment in Monterey, almost exactly three years ago, when I approached you about the Master Class. I had not applied; I could not see how I would apply the instruction (what was it going to be, actually??) to my work. You said, ” go home and talk about it with Neil”. Which I did. And I came to the conclusion that, no matter what you taught in specific, I would have the opportunity to learn from you, beautiful Hedy. And that, I knew, was going to serve me in every way.
    And it has, and it does. And you have my gratitude and my love, every day.

    I send these to you now, with a long gaze of warm affection, big seeing and recognition, soul connection, Deborah

  5. Nancy Hyatt, LCSW-C, from Maryland

    Over the past three years, my mastery as an Encounter-centered Couples Therapist has been directly proportional to the amount of mastery I’ve gained as a partner to my husband Ken. Having my non-therapist husband attend some of the Master Class sessions has given us a shared conceptual framework, a shared language and shared clarity about the conditions necessary to create an encounter-centered life together.

    Having Ken experience the Class with me has not only accelerated my integration of Hedy’s relational paradigm as a therapist but has also given me a sense of wholeness about the three year journey. With Hedy at the helm, the Master Class has evolved into a relationally mature web of safety in which Ken and I have shared profound experiences of transformation. These experiences along with the nurturing connections we have made to the Master Class community will be lasting fibers in the fabric of our individual lives and our partnership.

  6. Patricia Cook, from Michigan

    Experiencing the Master Class with my partner has been an opportunity to open into the deepest feelings and connections of my life, and then, not only have my partner witness this, but be right there opening with me. We couldn’t imagine doing this without each other.

  7. THOMAS MEHREL from Florida

    Attending the masterclass with my partner afforded me to recapitulate the deconstructed experiences in real time with my partner and thus integrate them into my being.

    Using the terminology, developed during the master class:
    The deconstruction of the “bridging” process, the recognition of the “main square”, the redirection towards encounter in awareness of the “meandering” around the “main square”, the “yessing” of any eventuality, as a tool to bridge and enable encounter, the awareness of the defense mechanisms illustrated with the 4 horsemen, the concept of collusion and it’s destructive consequences.

    In short, after many years and regular (daily) bridging with my partner, be it for acute, problematic issues, for mutual appreciation, or for co-counselling, the intense learning in the master class elevated our experience and certainly changed the way we walk the world and relate consciously.

    In reference to my own patient encounters, I feel the integration of EcCT principles (which I could experience first hand and intensely with my partner during the entire duration of the class) has greatly contributed to a even medically enhanced benefit.



  8. mike d. misgen from Colorado

    I attended the first Master Class with my wife Judith. It has been a powerful experience for both of us. We have been rewarded and challenged on so many levels. For one thing, we two live busy lives that don’t always have a lot of overlap. Spending a solid week in such close proximity allowed us to draw closer, dig deeper, and grow in intimacy. Another benefit was that there were more individual attendees than couples, and we got asked to be the couple in numerous demonstrations. This supported us to go even deeper in our couple-hood and love. And finally, we got to hear and see and learn from other couples that we came to deeply respect as they did their own profound work. It has been a deeply moving experience for us, one we highly recommend.


    Mike (and Judith)

  9. Hans and Rita 't Hart, The Netherlands

    I recommend the Master Classes to every relationship therapist. I was allowed to bring my partner, which made it possible to let the work go through the both of us. Hedy and the group have made a tremendous difference in our lives. The Master Class experience has transformational power. The session will not only give you a comprehensive understanding of the therapy process, but will also bring your personal growth to a whole new level. I’ve become the captain of my ship, me being the leader that coaches the couple through the challenging journey of the connection of two souls.
    Also my wife went through major changes. As she is not a therapist by profession, at first she felt only a bystander. The further we got into the Master Class process, the more she experienced her power to be present and to connect with the healing process of crossing the bridge. After the third Master Class session we could organize our first couples weekend together. Since then I have experienced us as being a winning team, called to bring liberty to those couples that are struggling in their relationship. Thank you Hedy, Yumi and all of my fellow-group members.

  10. Dr Juliette Buffat, Geneva, Switzerland

    Since i met Hedy and her wonderful way of working with couples, I feel much more comfortable in my own practice as a psychiatrist specialized in couple therapy and sexology. I also have much more pleasure and self-confidence at receiving couples. I feel very happy to be better equipped and able to help them to reconnect together. I also enjoy finding out what are the deeper bonds between them and explaining it to them to help them to recognize why and how much they still love each other.

  11. Ethel Zivotofsky & Bill Taeusch, from California, USA

    Hedy Schleifer…. We feel deep gratitude. You have taught us so much. We and our clients have learned ways of turning from reactivity and isolation by living in connection. When we are fully present, looking into each others eyes, open to each other, my beloved not only listens but hears, and I communicate in other ways too. We reconnect, heal, and share aliveness again. The concepts and tools we learned apply to friends, family, and the workplace. What we have learned, we can do at home, even when it’s not “Take a Big Risk Day.”

    Ethel and Bill

  12. Peggy Lucchesi, from New York, USA

    Three years ago this month, I remember completing the application for Hedy’s first Master Class. I was excited about the possibility of working with Hedy over time with a global group of therapists, who by the way I did not know, who were focused on learning advanced ways of working with couples. I paid the tuition trusting Hedy to ensure that the experience would be beneficial both personally and professionally. I’m happy to say that the Master Class exceeded my expectations.

    My greatest learning was that there are many paradoxes in life, and that it is up to me to understand them and flow with them. One paradox specific to the Master Class is that as we followed the evolution of Hedy’s way of working with couples which was constantly evolving, there were always some fixed truths.

    For example, as we moved from focusing on strictly following the scripts to focusing on observing how each partner chooses the neighborhood that she/he feels is best for the relationship that day and then observing how the couple decides which neighborhood to focus on and then who chooses to host and who chooses to visit, the abiding truth was “move toward connection” and “be with me,” waiting for each step of the process to be complete before moving to the next step.

    The power of “be with me…fully” was my greatest learning. Developing the capacity for “presencing,” being fully present to self and others in the NOW, was at the heart of the teaching. The deeper our personal capacity for “presencing,” the more we can model it, and the greater our professional ability to teach it.
    We’re all fighting a great fight, and we must be patient, kind, and fully present with each other, focusing on abundant living rather than deficits, seeing the essence of a person rather than the survival suit, thriving in connection rather than coping in isolation, developing attunement to self and others, and being an organized, prepared, positive, fun, gorgeous, and open-minded leader.

    Thank you, Hedy, for being AMAZING YOU, and thank you, Yumi, for being AMAZING YOU!
    Peggy Lucchesi

  13. Elahe Mehrel, from Florida, USA

    I can not begin to count the growth that has resulted for me as a member of the Master class.
    The personal and professional transformations are visible and have even traveled to far away places with me.
    With Love & Gratitude;

  14. Joan Childs, from Florida, USA

    I am using and enjoying the success of all the Master Class has given me. My couples are prospering and give continued thanks and appreciation for all I have helped them achieve. I have had 100% success with every couple I have worked with or am in the process of working with. No one left unfulfilled, no matter what the outcome and everyone has turned a corner in their respective relationships. I am thrilled with the results, and more so now that I have hammered out the superfluous and am going for the MAIN SQUARE. No matter what the ritual, the MAIN SQUARE is where it’s at, and I now feel confident in knowing how to get there!
    With much love and appreciation for the gifts you have given me and what I have been able to pass along to my couples, now including mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and all couples.

  15. Michal Alexander, from Georgia, USA

    I am so glad to be able to reflect of the 3 years of learnings in the master class training & my plate is F U L L
    The profound learning for me is my own transformation into a relational facilitator & the realization that we can heal in the laboratory of connection as a couple. ” we are wired for connections”
    The 3 invisible connectors – the space between , crossing the bridge & the encounter became my foundations in every relationship weaving in every day life.
    As a mother wife daughter, friend & a facilitator .
    I have learned always to look for the essence in a person.
    The essence for me in this approach is the whole & not the wounds .
    So the dreams & the visions are put in the horizons to bring the hope for the transformation & change.
    I have changed through the 3 years & learned how to train new muscles of the brain & my new brain is the winner.
    The full body Yes in a dialogue, the main square in the neighborhood & Stretching the growing edge are the magic touch of my experience.
    This magic touch I have brought to the couples & as the result the change & transformation is manifested.
    The name of the game is to believe in the process & Hedy is the master in it.
    I am so greatful to be part of the relational community & hoping to continue to evolve & grow in this tribe.
    With much much appreciation & love
    Michal Alexander M.S., CHT, ECCT

  16. Reyhana Seedat, from South Africa

    I had the most amazing training with Hedy and Yumi. For me the greatest aspect of the training was to see Hedy live what she teaches. During the the 3 years, Yumi took ill. Hedy showed how one has to cross the bridge and be 100% present for the other to heal. Her presence allowed Yumi to heal, even when he could not be present. The process of crossing the bridge in totality was mind boggling . I now do 2 days of intense relationship enhancement work. This is a training that meant commitment and sacrifice which I will do over again if I had to. Enjoy. This is a WOW TRAINING.

  17. Lone Algot Jeppesen, from Denmark

    I am so greatfull and happy that the Master Class has entered the world – and that I and my husbond – both dedicated couples therapists – could be on that journey. My greatest learning is, that we are all hosting many different neighbourhoods – and the ability to cross the bridge, visit our partners neighbourhoods – and becoming a present host and visitor, is a huge connecting possibility to learn and to share.

  18. Yosi Kan, from Israel

    When I retired as the Chief Technical Officer of a software company, I took the opportunity to accompany my wife to the Master class. During the Master class I opened up to a richer connection with my wife and through this process we decided to become full partners in her couples coaching profession. At this time I am co – coaching couples, leading workshops and teaching ECCT method to coaches.
    The period over which I attended the master class was a constant learning and heart opening process. In addition it was an amazing experience to meet colleges from all over the world and practice the ECCT method with them.
    I never would have believed that accompanying my wife to the Master class would lead me to such an significant transformation and a second career as a coach. I am in constant awe of these new meaningful, fulfilling and challenging opportunities that coaching provides for me.
    I want to thank Hedy for the privilege of learning with her which resulted in such a major transformation in my life. As a result of this surprising gift I received, I would highly recommend all spouses of therapists/coaches to sign up for the Master class.

  19. Hadas Kan, from Israel

    I can say truly that during my participation in the Master class, my life began anew from session to session.
    Every half year I went through an intensive five day learning experience with Hedy. In addition I developed connections with professional colleagues from all over the world who are truly amazing and wonderful people. I took in to every cell of my being the experience of feeling a deep, open streaming connection with myself, my husband, my family and the world.
    In every session another door opened in my life, on both a professional and personal level. As a result of my participation in the Master class I changed my professional perspective on the way to coaching couples; instead of just talking about couple hood, actually working on creating couple hood that is intimate, loving, trusting and secure.

    Today I feel that I am in the right place professionally, blessed and deeply connected to my heart and my destiny. It’s my privilege to facilitate couples through a process of creating a new couple hood, connecting to each other on a different, enlightened path. I teach other coaches this wonderful approach, and I have established for the first time in Israel a community of ECCT therapists. Had I not participated in the Master class none of this would have happened.
    I thank Hedy for her presence. The way she teaches was absorbed into my entire being and allowed my essence to bloom. Hedy is a talented artist in seeing deeply hidden wounds and stuck energy in relationships. Through her heart felt intuition she facilitates couples transformation from disconnection to a connection that is secure and fulfilling.
    I highly recommend that you undertake this journey and sign up for the Master class.

  20. Jack Hardman, from Florida, USA

    I went to the Master Class as a non professional spouse. The decision to join my wife was a difficult one from a time, expense and “will I get anything out of it” perspective. Finally decided to go-main reason-I felt that my wife was going to have a unique experience -and unless I joined her, there could be a “gap” in our relationship. In addition it sounded like a real “stretching” experience for me and for our relationship.

    I never expected such an amazing experience. We had not been exposed to Hedy before so all this was new to me. I would “pay money” just to sit in a room with her for six weeks. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. I found the work to be tough, stretching and very stimulating. I feel like the process we learned has many applications in my everyday life ( I am a retired banker). Most importantly the work my wife and I have done as part of the process has enriched our lives. If I had not gone she would be in a very different place and I would have had a real difficulty in “catching up” to her. It has also been very rewarding to see first hand what a wonderful therapist my wife has become and how much better she is as a result of this work.

    My message to spouses and partners–YOU CAN NOT AFFORD NOT TO GO!!

  21. Mary Kay Cocharo, from California, USA

    My time in the Master Class with Hedy has been transformational, both personally and professionally.
    My deepest learning has been about how to show up more fully present in my life and in my interactions with others. My work with couples has changed and become deeper, richer, as a result. Personally, I have made lifetime friends in the Class and have been fully supported as I’ve struggled and grown. I was even able to get married this year as a result of the love and encouragement I experienced!
    Hedy is a masterful teacher, clinician and an outstanding, charismatic woman. Her relationship with her long time husband, Yumi, is an inspiration and a living example of how her theories work in practice. Being with them is MAGIC. I highly recommend the Master Class!