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  1. Linda K. Seeman, Ph.D.

    How do you describe someone who creates a soul nurturing transformative experience every time she leads a workshop? I could try, but I wouldn’t be able to convey the full essence of experiencing a day with Hedy Schleifer. I have been following her work since 1998, and I have not only witnessed her growth and development, but I have also grown by having her as a teacher. Today she is the expert’s expert. Hedy is a true master. Even though I have followed her for two decades, I am always enthralled by her teachings and feel uplifted by new discoveries. Every day I have spent in Hedy’s presence has been so inspiring that I think about how lucky I am to be having such a beautiful learning experience.

  2. Kareen Caputo LISW

    The 3 day training unraveling the survival knot of the couple greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only did Hedy demonstrate skillfully how to dissolve the most difficult conflict between the couple in a short amount of time, but also that in doing so the couple achieve greater intimacy.
    This is the third time I had the privilege to attend Hedy’s workshop and every time I leave feeling inspired and enlightened.

    Hedy’s presentations are powerful and deep as well as fun and transformative.

    She designs them artfully by integrating knowledge from several disciplines including neuroscience with her professional and personal experience.

    I have been a psychotherapist for over twenty years working with individuals, couples and families and studying numerous modalities of treatment and I can say without hesitation that Hedy’s work is groundbreaking. It projects us to what the helping professions will look like in the future.

  3. Monica Erdosh

    Words are truly inadequate to describe the experience of being in Hedy’s presence. Hedy connects deeply and intentionally with every single person in her training, turning the training into a spiritual journey as well as a professional and personal one. After 3 days together, I was left with such a profound feeling of transformation that all I wanted was to stay for more. Hedy’s model of relational connection transcends everything else I have been taught about how to work with couples, but more importantly Hedy teaches how to be fully present in one’s own life and relationships. And while her model is complex and involved, I have been able to immediately incorporate her guiding principles into my work. I have never felt so inspired and so full of gratitude. My parting words to Hedy were, “Thank you for bringing me home.” My only regret is that we were not able to meet Yumi but his presence was felt continually throughout the weekend.

  4. Preeti Chandramani LCPC, NCC

    My name is Preeti Chandramani and I am a licensed psychotherapist in MD, USA.
    I attended Hedy’s couples journey, January 2019. Hedy and Yumi are an adorable and unforgettable couple. What remained long after the workshop got done would be the memory of Hedy’s magnetic personality and her wonderful aura that seemed to permeate everything around her. Thank you Hedy and Yumi for your inspiring presence.

    And Geoffrey too for his efficiency and kindness in organizing and helping attendees during the workshop process.

  5. Michal Alexander

    I met Hedy first in 2005 & have the honor to be a part of the ECCT community. Being an assistant in the Hybrid couples workshop is an inspiration to be around a master and teacher who talks her talk & walks her walk. She created with Yumi a powerhouse partnership in which they share a conscious mature relationship. Yumi’s energy was so present in the room even though he wasn’t with us this time. It’s the resource of the foundation that brought the encounter to be unfolded in a relationship. The intimacy ( in to me see) in the group was one of a kind as a result of the 3 invisible connectors.
    Hedy’s message about the process vs content in a visit makes the difference between conversation dialogue & visit so clear.
    Generative listening is an art & Hedy is a master in it as a teacher.
    The woundology is not the essence, it’s the inner journey to be healed. What a great opportunity for me to grow as a person & healer.
    I appreciate every day to be part of the community of Encountered-centered Couple Therapy & to continue the legacy that each day is a new beginning with new eyes to explore.

  6. Betty Matz Gelsky

    There are no words to express my fortune for having met Hedy & Yumi 22 years ago. It has been a privilege and blessing to experience and learn from them. Hedy is a master therapist, instructor and presenter. Her wisdom and way of being have shaped me personally and professionally. Deeply grateful.

    Peace, love and health,
    Betty Matz Gelsky

  7. Paul Browde, M.D., Assisted at a Hybrid workshop (New York, NY)

    For me as a human being, to be in the presence of Hedy Schleifer, has been a great teaching. She lives and breathes being in connection and savoring life, no matter what the circumstances. In all my years I have never met someone who walks the walk as much as she does.

    As a therapist, her work has empowered me. Assisting at her workshop gave me a download of confidence and abilities to use with my clients. Encounter-centered Couples Therapy is not about dredging up pain, or finding and focusing on problems. It’s the opposite, looking for what’s precious, what is already working and spending time on strengthening those forces of good! It’s such a different focus from traditional “therapy.”

    I came out of the weekend wiser, smarter and more confident, not intellectually, but in my being.

  8. Deborah Fox, MSW, LICSW (Washington, DC)

    Assisting at Hedy’s recent hybrid workshop in Washington, DC, I was once again inspired by the profound sense of connection that couples can experience in the course of two days. The power of group to support each other in their journey is wonderful to behold.

  9. Monique Rosier

    I am a Dutch therapist and since I started working with the techniques I learned from Hedy, people leave my office really connected again. I need less time and effort. This technique enables me to focus on observing, giving back, and be with the couple completely.

  10. Jill Lawton, M.Soc.Sc. (educational psychology)

    Dearest Hedy – thank you so much for making the webinar available. I have been a pastor for twenty-five years and when I first discovered Imago (at least 20 years ago!), the facilitator played a recording of “crossing the bridge” and the message it contains has been a cornerstone in the way that we have prepared couples for marriage and helped those who are struggling. I am delighted to see that you are still pioneering work with couples and so generously make your ideas available beyond the realm of professional therapists. I loved the roadmap and thought that the criteria for moving forward to day 2 were practically very helpful to see if a couple is ready for the encounter. Love the atmosphere of joy and gratitude that oozes from you – we are grateful for you!

    Jill Lawton, M.Soc.Sc. (educational psychology)
    Hillside Church
    South Africa

  11. Erna Nel, Psychologist

    Thank you for the webinar. It was very exciting to be exposed to this technique, insightful and most enjoyable. You have a lovely and warm way of presenting your knowledge and material to the learner. It has been a long time since a presentation gripped my attention for the full hour! I am very excited to try this method with my couples.

  12. Louise von Weiler

    Hedy’s webinar was informative, intense and to the point. I am glad I took the time out of my schedule and attended. I am also grateful for the follow up copy of the webinar. It will definitely serve me as an important reference. Louisa von Weiler, coach/guide to couples, Germany.

  13. Ahuva Smilowitz

    Precious Hedy. Your three step invisible connectors process is a brilliant way of putting into practice all the theoretical importance of having healthy relationships. The building up to the encounter transcends the materialistic realm to an emotional state of oneness, love and joy. All this is being taught by you, Hedy, who have reached this most remarkable level of relating to others, which by your joy of this accomplishment intrigues and inspires others to get there.
    May you be blessed with good health together with Yumi to continue your sacred mission of enhancing connection to humanity.

  14. Brenda S Faiber, MS, LMFT

    My dearest Hedy, The webinar was outstanding. The best I have ever listened too. You were clear, succinct and so passionate about your work with couples. I am honored to have you in my life both professionally and personally as my teacher, and my mentor. You are a Master in what you do. Your brilliance is awe-inspiring. I look forward to your next webinar.

  15. Deirdre Haslam

    I attended Hedy and Yumi’s most recent couples workshop in the UK as an assistant. I found it, as always, really engaging and most interesting. They have pared it down to become really clean and focused.

  16. Veronica Dumas, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Miami, FL)

    I see the efficacy of EcCT every day in my practice, witnessing with awe the impact of Hedy’s creation. As all the teachings continue to solidify in me more and more each day, I am able to assist couple after couple in their healing and repair process. Hedy has created something beautiful, something so needed in our world, and such efficient tools to bring aliveness back into relationships. Because of these teachings, I believe our EcCT community is important to maintain, and to continue to grow.

  17. Olivia C. Ambs, LMHC, CFAMFT President

    Thank you to those that joined CFAMFT as we welcomed Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC on October 20th, 2017. I had never met her in person and was moved by her presence and the effect she had on all of us. She was truly wonderful to see “live” as the skills she teaches are demonstrated in her every move!

  18. Cindy Fabico, LMHC, LMFT

    I saw Hedy and Yumi at their recent Orlando training and I have adopted some of Hedy’s amazing techniques. I have over 100 hours (probably more) of emotionally focused couples therapy training and only have the supervision portion left to be certified. I now see no need for that as Hedy’s EcCT style of couples therapy fits exactly who I am as a person and therapist. It flows so easily for me. I have been applying many of things I learned and have been amazed at the immediate results with my clients. They are loving it too! I am most likely going to attend the speakers workshop in January, as Hedy inspired me to reawaken my passion to speak and present to others my passion for living a full and authentic life. Thank you, Hedy and Yumi, for being exactly who you are!

  19. Peg Seykora

    I recently attended Hedy and Yumi’s training for therapists. As always, Hedy was dynamic and thought provoking. I am already using some of the techniques with great success. I am grateful for the time I spent with Hedy and have already signed up for a couples 3-day workshop with my husband in order to enhance our marriage.
    Peg Seykora, LMHC
    Altamonte Springs, Fl.

  20. Mary Stacy, Connecticut (USA)

    The hybrid couples weekend is an amazing experience. First you get to have Hedy for 2 whole days. Because there are only 6 couples the intimacy and connectedness is felt between and among the couples, helpers and especially with Hedy. Over the 2 days, you are watching the couples melt the tension away, and seeing their love blossoming. At the conclusion of the weekend, the couples express how grateful, and hopeful they are!

  21. Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer, LCSW-C (Maryland, USA)

    I’ve been studying and practicing psychotherapy since 1980. I’ve been fortunate to study with some of the best teachers in the field. Assisting Hedy and Yumi at their Adventure in Intimacy workshop was by far the most powerful learning I have experienced. The impact of that weekend is still unfolding in my work life and in my relationship with my husband. Hedy and Yumi teach couples how to deepen their connection, but they also model how to live loving, kind and meaningful lives. This combination is extraordinary and for me has been life changing.

  22. Annemarie Oerlemans

    I really shifted during the couples 3-day therapist training with Hedy and Yumi as a therapist, but most as a human being. I learned to give all my presence to everybody. I learned to see the essence of all the people I meet. But most of all, I learned that all is well, even though my mother passed away and I miss her so much.
    I recommend this workshop to everybody who wants to transform as a person and as a therapist. I am very grateful for the knowledge, the wisdom and the love Hedy and Yumi gave me!
    I will come back to you!

  23. Deirdre Haslam

    Your latest workshop for couples at which I assisted, followed by your three-day training, was, as always an inspiration. I so enjoyed assisting and watching you work with couples and learned so much that I am already finding helpful in my own work, even with individuals, since I am able to cross the bridge into their world and bring my full presence to them. It is transformative and has already had an impact on the work and on our relationship.
    Who knows? I might even have the courage to work with couples this way!
    Thank you again, dear Hedy. You are wonderful

  24. Sharon Kaplansky

    Dearest Hedy and Yumi, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing experience I have ever had in all my training years. The couples 3 day workshop for therapists in London has opened my eyes, ears, mind, heart and body and transcended me to a new place where love exists and everything is possible. I was taught to feel and think out of my box and to appreciate the gift of life. I have also met the loveliest people. Hedy, you are a woman greater than life. I hope to meet you again on my journey. With love and admiration.

  25. Yvonne D.B.Bonner

    To have an idea … just go.
    Personal experience is the backbone of Hedy’s passion.
    And, as you know, passion is also the basic energy of learning.
    Hence, pack your bag, add a sheet of affectionate expectations and join Yumi.

  26. Unike Kelmendi

    Yes, it’s true you are UNIQUE …..Yummy has reason …you are splendid. ¨

    Dears Hedy & Yummy thank you so much for this 5 wonderful days (9-13 june 2017)
    As psychiatrist I started to practice your precious, emphatic, positive et energetic méthodes of Couples Therapy and it’s help me very much.

    A big hug to you & the best regards from Switzerland

    P.S. See you soon on 2018

  27. Mary Kay Cocharo

    As Practitioner of EcCT, it is always important for me to assist Hedy at one of her Couple’s Workshops. I never tire of watching her guide couples to deep transformation. I facilitate Workshops and Intensives for couples myself in Los Angeles but always learn something new from Hedy. She is an absolute Master…charismatic, loving and gifted! I recommend that any couple work with her given the chance.

  28. Ken Donaldson

    Hedy and Yumi’s programs are always #1 on my list for couples who need that degree of help.

  29. B. Leiser


    La formation suivie à Lausanne (Suisse) fut une expérience enrichissante et agréable. Venant d’autres horizons théoriques, ce fut pour moi une découverte qui me permet d’ajouter une approche très intimiste pour le suivi de certains couples. Les concepts théoriques apportés par Hedy Schleifer, ainsi que sa chaleur humaine et sa profonde sympathie m’ont enrichis. Sa façon de travailler apporte un véritable changement de paradigme et je vais m’en inspirer à ma manière pour compléter ma pratique professionnelle. Et une remarque non négligeable: je trouve que Hedy et Youmi forment un magnifique couple. Longue vie à eux et encore merci pour ce beau partage.

  30. Ira Kotlik-Konev, PsyD

    Thinking about the meaning and value of my work with Hedy and Yumi, both as a couple and as a therapist guiding other couples, I begin to fill a burst of joy and deep gratitude fill my entire being.
    As a couple attending Adventure in Intimacy workshop together with my husband, I witnessed us grow and mature in three days in ways it did not happen in 7 years of marriage prior to that. With their infinite love, wisdom and patience Hedy and Yumi taught us to dream our souls desires, to be fully present not only with each other but also with the self. Learning about our survival dance we realized that we simply did not have the right tools for what we wanted the most – to deeply unite, to really meet, soul to soul, with each other. Luckily for us, we met Hedy and Yumi who gave us generously a nice tool box that we’ve been using ever since to meet again and again. As I reflect on the change that happened since than (7 years ago) I am amazed with both personal and couple growth as a result. As a people we became more relaxed, more self-compationate, more confident and overall happier. As a couple we began to step more and more into blissfull state that encounter is. You know, its like when you hear about looking into your partner’s eyes each day falling in love, and it sounds amazing but you think to yourself that in reality its close to impossible after many years of being together. But then it actually happens, because now you actually know and able to see that man or a woman with the new eyes. And when it happens you discover breathtaking beauty and can not help but fall in love with that gorgeous person who happens to love you to the moon.
    As a therapist, I attended three trainings with Hedy, last one of five days this spring. Thinking of describing my experience I think about Torah or any other sacred teaching for that matter. Similarly, the content is almost the same, however its wisdom is so multilayered that each time I came I learned more and more. Each time I understood something, not only with my mind but with my entire being and so each time I left transformed, new Ira. I remember when I realized that my skills as therapist also show this learning curve. It was when the couple who initially came very disappointed with each other, told me that the change they experience feels like magic. As I was able to be more present worh their essense they could get in touch with the magical power of connection.
    Thank you endlessly, dear Hedy and Yumi, we are your students for eternity.

  31. Thomas Middelboe, MD, PhD, consultant, Psychiatric Center Frederiksberg, Denmark

    Thank you Hedy, for two unforgettable days i Aarhus, Denmark. It was highly inspiring for me in so many of my roles in life. First of all as partner, but also as father, therapist and psychiatrist. You opened a lot of doors.

  32. PIa Torp

    I attended the seminar in Århus, DK, and Hedy´s presence completely overwhelmed me. It really was eye opening moment to be aware of just how much we as couples therapists can give just by being fully present, slowing things down and keeping content as simple as possible. To observe each and every movement, feeling and to sense and mirror every bit of the moment. Above all this comes the rich wisdom of working with people which is so motivating. The non-verbal-space tell so much! Hedy left me with a feeling and inspiration which I will carry with me both in my private life and certainly in my day to day working relation with couples. I really feel prakash! Enlightened! And what a joy to see both Hedy and Yumi making their space so lovely and tender – they really represent good karma – I still feel this compassionate presence burning inside me.

  33. Yael Bat-Shimon, MA, LMHC, Providence, RI

    It is hard to find words that approach describing my experience of Hedy and Yumi. Hedy teaches that trying to describe with words what an “encounter” is inevitably limits it and I find that to be true of my experiences being with them as well, for they allow us all into their very souls in a very deep and honest way and we leave changed. This is the very essence of what they teach, that a true encounter of the souls must by definition change us. Hedy and Yumi model what true, mature love is. They make space for each other’s essence to shine forth as they teach and guide their couples; each step is intentional and alive with meaning. They live their teachings. Working with Hedy and Yumi has inspired me and my wife Paula to reach deeper and wider, to be more ourselves than ever before, to listen to and open ourselves to each other in ways that continue to move, challenge, excite and change us.

  34. Rita Battat Silverman (New York, NY)

    Came away with so many wonderful tools from this workshop and found the experience to be very inspiring and worthwhile on so many levels! Really enjoyed every minute of it and the two days flew by. Hedy and Yumi are incredible leaders who certainly give 100% !

  35. Hana Marritz (New York, NY)

    I am so grateful and fortunate to take the Presentational Skills course one week before I made a major presentation.
    It made all the difference in the world. Instead of being a basket case of nerves I was calm, clear, connected to the audience. It was a huge success. I am ever so grateful for Hedy’s wisdom, heart, and experience. She touched me deeply, and now I know how to touch others as well.

    credentials; retired art teacher. NYC, USA

  36. Paula M. Smith, M.Div., MFT- Providence, RI (USA)

    In 2015, I assisted Hedy(and Yumi) at a 3-Day Couple’s Workshop in Miami. Then my wife (Yael) and I participated in a 2-Day ECCT training for therapists in Toronto. One month later Yael and I participated in a 2-day Private Intensive Couple’s Session with Hedy in Washington D.C. And now it’s two months after that experience which is absolutely “life-changing,” I participated in Hedy’s “Presentational Skills Training” in NYC. What else can I tell you? I rearranged my schedule to fit Hedy’s schedule. Hedy is someone who has touched me and Yael in ways that words cannot describe. Hedy is a powerful gift to human-beings in the 21st Century. Hedy models in ALL of her work how to bring knowledge, transparency, presence and unconditional to life and relationships in the most transformational way. Okay, I’m going to stop typing now because the words haven’t really been invented yet to continue describing my experience of Hedy. I will, however HIGHLY recommend that you find a way to work with Hedy in ANY capacity you can and you too, will find yourself internally rearranged, and externally rearranging your schedule to encounter Hedy again. Yael and I have deep, deep love and admiration for Hedy.

  37. Josiane

    What a big and unique job Hedy does in unleashing our essence from a place of deepest pain to a place of deepest connection with our heart. We learned how to open up a room in the relational space and gift the audience of our lights! Much Love and gratitude Hedy, josiane

  38. Francesca

    I came from Australia to attend Presentational Skills in New York Feb 20-1. This workshop could be renamed ” Encounter Skills” . It is unlikely that any of the 55 attendees left without feeling transformed and transforming others. I was there 2 days and flew home transformed. The depth of encountering was profound and magical. I learned that such magical connection is the necessary stuff of healthy living, and am inspired to continue to teach it. Thank you Hedy and Yumi . As was said in the movie, ” You had me at Hello”

  39. Nancy Hyatt, LCSW-C, (Bethesda, MD)

    Hedy mentioned her upcoming workshop in NYC ( 2/20 and 2/21) on presentation skills. As most of you know, Hedy has been the most important teacher of my life. She teaches at a level that Ken nor I have ever experienced before or since. She doesn’t just share interesting information- she transmits information in a way that lands in you so deeply that it enters your whole being, not just your brain. That information sticks even years later. She teaches the art of being truly present to the people or person in the room with whom she is in communication. I told her that I would let my friends in the NY area who counsel, coach and present know about her training.

  40. Jill Fein Baker, LCSW

    When my daughter, Jasmine, was about 8 years old (she’s now 24), she met Hedy for the first time at a training Hedy was doing in Chicago that I attended. After I introduced Jasmine to Hedy, my daughter turned to me and said, “Mommy! She’s the Queen of the World!” That’s Hedy.

  41. Edwige and Pierre Lanthier Moisan

    Your seminar is certainly a huge step in my way of being, thinking, living. I am using STOP often day and night when I am surprising myself in the wrong path. “Intimacy” is the word and “feeling” to help me now when I am with couples, to help them to find a peaceful place to be together, a way to open and not to struggle, to win anymore. I am more in my feet and heart to help. What I should know to help takes less space.

    We were very happy to have the honour to have worked with you. We are very grateful. Thank you very much for your couple and work.

    See you soon in Switzerland ! we hope.
    Huge kisses to both of you. And thanks to Geoffrey.

  42. Dr Clive Evian

    I want to thank you both for giving me, a relationship therapist (coach/trainer) such wonderful skills and through this confidence in working with my couples. Your teaching is so powerful because it is also showing and demonstrating the concept as the concept is being addressed. The showing is happening all the time, in every moment, in every interaction and through this process I got the essence of the messages. What I have gained so much was the little skills and processes and prompts which allow a couple to become so beautifully vulnerable and able to show themselves as hosts and to visit with all their presence and compassion. It has given my basic Imago approach a whole new dimension and an expansion.
    I can also see a transformation in the couples who I am working with and its is because there was also some transformation in me. It was very special.

  43. Katherine Ellin, Ph.D., M.S.W., D.T.R., Cambridge, MA


    I want to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Thursday. After many years in the field and many conferences over the years, it’s rare for me to feel so refreshed and revitalized after an all-day workshop. I very much appreciate the experience you created. I learned a lot on a deep level, not only from what you said, but especially from seeing/experiencing how you led the workshop, how you interacted with everyone individually and with the group as a whole, and from the experiential exercises. It was a truly wonderful personal and professional enlivening experience for me! Thank you!

    All best,
    Katherine Ellin

  44. Grete Becker

    in the brilliant BBC comedy series : Fawlty Towers, Manuel, the Spanish employee who can barely speak English, says to the owner of the hotel, Jon Cleese, : ” I learn English from a book.”
    Why this resonates with me, is that there is ‘cognitive’ classroom, textbook learning, and then there is REAL learning. Assisting in a workshop to me is REAL learning. LIFE shows up in the workshop and to watch Hedy embrace life, is the ultimate learning for me.

  45. Savanthika Pillay

    I attended the 3 day ECCT and the Presenter’s training. Both sets of training can only be described as transformative. Transformative in the way it has given me new insights, emotional depth and positively changed the way I work with couples and groups; and transformative in what it has changed in me. What has healed, I cannot tell you. I can simply say, that I feel more whole, less reactive, more peaceful. And it has stirred more thinking, more reflection and more questions both on a personal and a professional level. I have never encountered anybody with as much emotional energy and presence as Hedy. Our days were long, emotionally hard, sometimes plodding and she never “checked out”. She did not falter in the quality of her presence, in the crispness of her thinking, in her compassionate and sharp intuition. Yumi’s presence brought wonderful insight and a paternal tenderness to my experience. An unforgettable experience

  46. Dorianne Cara Weil "DrD", Clinical Psychologist, South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government (CEO Magazine), Lifetime Achiever

    “Hedy is a therapeutic artist. She interacts with purpose, reverence, mindfulness and awesome respect, generating safety and containment, as she guides and navigates intra- and interpersonal journeys, resulting in magnificent awareness and new possibilities.”

  47. Ludmila Dallon-Koechlin

    Thank you so much Hedy! Your amazing attention, understanding of the Human love is such an example for everybody who have the chance to meet you. Your relationship with Yumi is an example for every couple and it’ll be fine to describe it in a book to show that couple is not an impossible mission. I learned a lot with you and hope to help other couples. Thank you to you, to Yumi, to your couple, a hope for a lot of lost couples.

  48. Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW, TEP (Virginia, USA)

    This is the training no couple’s therapist should miss. Hedy is my most significant mentor in this amazing journey of being someone who helps couples.

  49. Sharon Fisher, M.S.S., L.C.S.W. (Philadelphia, PA)

    Very powerful. Thank you. You are a reference point – a place I imagine each time I work with a couple.

  50. Samyra van Roy, Imago Therapist from the Netherlands

    I think Hedy’s work is enriching our Imago work so much! She is teaching the core of Connection in such an inspiring and beautiful way! It helped me not only to work with Imago in a more conscious way, it helped me to connect to my husband in an even deeper way. Harville’s work and Hedy’s work are definitely a both/and way of getting a ‘whole’ experience.

    If you are able to attend this training, do it, you won’t regret it!

  51. Nava Rephun, MSW, LCSW (New York, NY)

    I did my clinical training in Imago Relationship Therapy with Hedy, along with many more subsequent trainings and workshops over the years with her. I’ve also had the pleasure of assisting her in couples workshops in Israel as well. Hedy and Yumi’s combination of brilliance and warmth, and humor and intuition, make them the teachers par excellence that they are.
    Their recent workshop in October for Imago therapists in New York, was inspiring and enriching for clinicians on both a professional and personal level.
    Run, don’t walk, to a couples workshop with Hedy and Yumi! You will be thankful you did!

  52. Laura

    The past workshop in Monterey was my first personal experience with Hedy & Yumi. Wow! What an honor to support their vision. Words such as magnificent, connected, insightful, intuitive, joyous and authentic come to mind as I think about Hedy’s presence with every person in attendance. I really believe that each and every person there felt truly seen by this remarkable woman. The “simple” act of “just” feeling seen and heard can, in itself, be truly transformational. If you are considering attending a workshop, or are a therapist considering sending your clients to one of Hedy & Yumi’s workshops, i would highly encourage you to say “Yes!” I’m so glad I did.

  53. Jean Griffis, Ph.D. from Maryland

    I have been assisting at the Adventures In Intimacy couples workshops for years. People have asked me why I am going to “another one”. My answer is: It’s never another one. It’s always new and inspiring. I come because I get to see what happens with the couples and the amazing transformation that happens each and every time. It is three of the most nourishing, nurturing, and amazing days I spend, each and every time I go. It’s truly a vitamin for the soul experience as well as an incredible learning experience personally and professionally.

  54. Shauna Jean Stott, PhD

    It was a delight to be able to assist at Hedy and Yumi’s Adventure in Intimacy workshop held on the Monterey Bay. The setting delightful including my first ever sighting of dolphins in the wild. I was immediately struck by the warmth and positive energy of Hedy as she entered the conference room. Her story telling capacity is astounding and filled with sage advice. Above and beyond all else is the richness of their lives and shared experiences. Hedy and Yumi provide an ideal to strive for in the all important rite of marriage and the family. They are a metaphor for life.

    The three day experience was bountiful and rewarding. Thank you, I appreciate having been included as an assistant. My skills have grown and I am refreshed. It was a heavenly experience.

    Shauna Jean Stott, PhD
    Clinical Psychologist

  55. Christopher Fenaroli LMFT, Certified Imago Therapist

    Assisting at Hedy and Yumi’s Adventures in Intimacy Workshop is amazing! I learn so much that I consider it an exercise in humility. Their work is so focused, so on target that it is like watching masters at their trade. This time I walk away feeling inspired, focused, and more capable as a therapist than I ever have. Just by being around their work I become more of who I am as a person and therapist. I recommend the workshop to any couple anywhere, and to therapists I recommend assisting. You will be changed by their work.

  56. Joan E Childs

    Once you have an experience with Hedy, the love affair never ends. Having spent 3 years in her first Master Class, attended several workshops, and assisted in several couple workshops, the learnings get deeper and more integrated each time. I plan to continue until I can’t! In addition, her CD’s are on my Ipod, so I listen to them everyday going and coming from work.
    To assist is another opportunity to re-learn and sharpen my skills. I am committed to the process as part of my life’s work! Thank you Hedy and Yumi for being a part of my life, forever and ever!

  57. yakov

    Hedy teaches that the encounter between the partners in a relationship should be not through their problems but rather through a meeting of their essences. Each our essence’s is expressed through the greatest dreams we have about our relationship. On the first day of the seminar, Hedy guided to discover each others essence, our dreams. She told us that this would be a day we would never forget and we now know that this is true as beyond hope and belief those dreams have been fulfilled and we now are discovering new horizons.
    More than anything else, being with Hedy and Yumi, married 49 years and still growing in their relationship, teaches us that after 20 years of marriage, we are only at the beginning.
    Thank you
    Yakov and Michal Nagen

  58. Judith Asner, MSW, LCSW-C (Maryland, USA)

    Hedy gives you her soul. She invites you to explore your own.
    Then you enable your couples to have this soul to soul experience.

  59. MaryKate Steavens, PhD, LMFT

    “Don and I had a wonderful vacation starting March 6th. We drove to Monterey to assist at the workshop Hedy and Yumi Schleifer were giving, ADVENTURES IN INTIMACY. We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary this January and I called to see if we could assist at the workshop as an anniversary gift to ourselves. We were graciously accepted by Josh. Don and I had assisted ’06 or ’07, did the workshop ourselves in ’07 or ’08, and assisted the next year. Assisting this year has truly given me a “shot in the arm” as my practice has slowed down. I’ve said for years that our taking the Imago Training helped our relationship a lot. Doing Adventures in Intimacy gave us the opportunity to develop a wonderful sense of intimacy and a very positive way to see and to relate to each other. Doing Adventures in Intimacy literally changed our brains to become much more accepting and loving of each other. There will be an Adventures in Intimacy workshop in Miami, Florida July 11-13. If you are a therapist you might want to volunteer as an assistant or go as a couple to take this workshop (in my opinion) will change your life – if you want it to.”

  60. Elahe Mehrel

    One paragraph or page is never enough to express the depth of learning that occurs during a weekend assisting in a workshop with you.
    Each time, I grow personally and professionally, in all 4 worlds.
    Physically, I become aware of places where I hold tension in my body, with each visualization and release them.
    Emotionally, I feel the woven fabric of the web of connection that is being created by the group.
    Intellectually, I watch Hedy, expose some of the unknown layers of her magical teachings, and deconstruct them into simple concepts.
    Spiritually; Relationally, I integrate the essence of Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, and start seeing the 3 Invisible connectors in all my encounters, be it at work or home.

    If I had to choose one gift from assisting in this session, it is watching Hedy’s face saying:
    “All Is Well” “All Is Well”.
    Thank you!

    Elahe Mehrel

  61. Mirta Pont

    My experience was transforming– not only from a professional standpoint but on a personal level as well. Well worth my investment!

  62. Steven Klockow (Brunswick, Maine)

    I was first introduced to Hedy’s work when I attended Hedy’s February 2012 Encounter-Centered Couples Therapy training with my wife Leslie. We had what Hedy calls a “Level III” transformational learning as one of the “Kangaroo Couples”. We returned home to both our life together and our work with couples feeling enlivened and more passionately engaged. Over time however I began to notice myself pulling back in my work with couples from such an intense level of engagement. I decided to assist Hedy & Yumi at their June Adventures in Intimacy workshop with the intention of being open for a transformational learning related to this pulling back experience I was having.

    Hedy and Yumi create such an incredible transformational space of safety and loving energy that inspires and supports every couple in their own unique journey. This space also supports us as support clinicians in our journeys. Just witnessing Hedy work and watching so many couples transform over the three days was amazing in and of itself. However, in addition to all of this, I also experienced a transformational shift in my understanding of my clinical work with couples. Through a series of implicit memory triggers and the loving presence of both Hedy and my wife Leslie, I have come to understand in a most visceral and profound way how my own attachment history has been “silently voting” and impacting my clinical work with couples. As a result, I have experienced a profound shift in my willingness to consistently bring my passion and energy into the relational dance with the couples that I work with. I am “ON FIRE” again doing couples work. This is a big deal for an introverted guy. Thank you Hedy for bringing your presence and energy to all you do and for sharing it abundantly.

  63. Ellymay Wynia

    Dear Hedy

    I attended your excellent Couples Therapist Training in Feb of 2013. Thank you Hedy for your brilliance, your intentionality of space and your wonderful ability to not be afraid of vulnerability and deep presence of being. You are a true creative genius of the relational space. I am so looking forward to you continuing to teach me as you ARE one of the greatest teachers of couples work today. I am so grateful to have been in your presence and so look forward to more encounters.

  64. Tom Johnson, United States

    My wife, Sylvia, and I attended the Encounter-centered Couples Therapy training 2/8 – 2/10/2013. Sylvia is a clinical psychologist and author; I am a process engineer. We have attended several training sessions conducted by Hedy and Yumi Schleifer over the past 12 years.

    As usual, Hedy far exceeded our high expectations. There were many healing moments, deep connections, and profound lessons learned on each of the three days. Near the end of the third day, I asked one of the psychologists if she agreed with my assertion made on day one, that Hedy Schleifer is the world’s greatest couples therapist. She looked at me as if I were Captain Obvious, and said: “Of course. That’s like saying water is wet”.

    Yes, water is wet, and Hedy Schleifer is the World’s Greatest Couples Therapist. Period.

  65. Paul Browde, M.D. (New York, NY)

    The encounter centered couples therapy training was transformational. I have an ever deepening awareness of the relational space that I co-create with my clients, and every day I watch it grow fuller, richer and more connected.
    I am feeling the urge to meet with several of my clients in their couple, aware that it is that relationship that will shape their lives on a daily basis, and therefore the one to focus on.
    Hedy’s ability to make everyone in a training feel a personal connection with her, has had a positive impact on the way I lead groups and trainings.
    In my life and in my work, I am more and more coming from the space of the encounter, rather than from the space of my survival dance!. I truly believe that a workshop with Hedy and Yumi is one of the great gifts a therapist or a couple can give themselves and is worth the investment of time and money more than words can ever say.

  66. Linda Churchill

    I was spellbound and profoundly moved throughout the Feb. 8-10/13 training event. Hedy’s philosophy, methodology, underlying principles, and soulful, embodied regard for shared and sacred spaces refreshed me with a sense of miracle and wonder. Hedy’s relationally mature process strikes me as an excellent synthesis of the best practices in couple therapy we know today. I feel grateful and blessed to have been a participant. And, I had a lot of fun!

  67. Laura Zipris, Psy.D., Imago Therapist

    I have had the privilege of assisting Hedy and Yumi a few times at their Adventure in Intimacy workshops and I am always so grateful for the experience. Each time I walk away with a new richness and depth of understanding that changes me both personally and professionally. The energy that Hedy exudes in her workshops is infectious and palpable- it actually feels as if the room begins to pulsate. To be able to be in the presence of the Schleifers and to witness the life altering transformations that the attendees (and the assistants) experience is truly awe inspiring. Thank you Hedy and Yumi!

  68. Michal Alexander , Mind Body Therapy, Marietta , GA

    This workshop is a define labratory in establishing a new neuropath in the brain to create a new dialogue between two individuals. Where the space , crossing the bridge & the encounter are the foundations to build a new relationship. Being with Hedy the master of zest of life & Yumi gave me as an assistant to watch the magic life work of 47 years of relationship between them. This couple walk their talk & in it self it’s an inspiration for all the couples attending this workshop. Being an assistance gave me an opportunity to grow & learn how to hold a purified space with unconditional love for all the couples. Thank you Hedy & Yumi to give me this opportunity of being part of this tribe , the art of relational connection. So the word that comes to me as a summery of this experience is magic.

  69. Deirdre Haslam

    I have now attended four workshops in all, including one, with my partner, Laura, for couples and I have learned from them all. Laura and I are now waiting for the next available opportunity to come to the advanced adventure in intimacy for couples. The Tikkun training was the best yet. To have an inspiring teacher, who is able to make the whole process fun, funny and relaxing is an absolute gift. It is, quite simply, the best training I think I have ever done and helps me with my therapeutic work both with couples and with individuals.
    Thank you both.

  70. Penny Graham - England

    This was my first encounter with Hedy and Yumi and,indeed, Imago Therapy.

    I found the two day training humbling, inspirational, moving. I want more! What more can I say!

  71. Gina Hardy, Imago Educator and coach

    I attended Hedy’s TIKKUN training in London on 14th / 15th June and was awe inspired by her presence, commitment and passion about helping our world become more relationally mature. It confirmed my knowing that we are all “in service to connection.” Hedy leads a new paradigm in conscious relationship creation and I am thrilled to have received her “down loading” of knowledge so I can use it when I work with couples. If you are reading this, PLEASE go find Hedy wherever she is. Simply being in her presence is enough to show you what love is.

  72. Sue Wintgnes

    On so many levels Hedy and Yumi facilitate deep learning…on a personal level, in my therapeutic skills and as a human being. Experiencing them is deeply nourishing and has an ongoing effect into all levels of my life. Thank you Hedy and thank you Yumi

  73. Beate and Geha Haas, Germany

    Your kindful humanness and your practical spirituality is what we have been looking for all over, and we are so grateful that we have found it to be livable, with you as an example

  74. Shona Rusk

    I enjoyed the training course. I took from it the piece about children playing in the space between the parents. this was quite vivid for me. that the space between the parents needs to be a space that is good for a child to play in. the other part was that we are wired for healing. I take both these pieces away with me and value both of them. thank you.

  75. Jean Griffis, Imago Therapist (Maryland, USA)

    Hedy is a virtuoso in the domain of teaching the relational space. Her teaching is very grounded, passionate, and life affirming. She teaches deepening the relational space, with a newness that integrates her own growth and learning in an exquisiteness that is rare. She’s super nuts and bolts, but she makes nuts and bolts look like divine artistry. Training with Hedy is a don’t miss opportunity for you and for the people whose lives you touch!

  76. Mary K Cocharo

    Hedy and Yumi take couples beyond “coping” to really “living” in joy and connection with one another. I feel personally enriched by my time with them and know my clients back home will benefit from my new learning and enthusiasm.

  77. Margie Grebin

    Rumi said, “Love is the Water of Life,” and in assisting “The Adventures in Intimacy” workshop, I was given the opportunity to experience, firsthand, the progressive ebb and flow of movement with couples engaging in a deepening of compassion, empathy, and understanding toward one another, as each welcomed their partner to “cross the bridge into their world.” The progressive transformations that occurred within each couple’s sacred relational space was delightful to observe, Their engaged respectful dialogue, brought an appreciation and understanding of “the other,” which created a shift in energy. This “shift” brought the gift of a palpable softening, lightness and safety for the couple. A joyful experience to be an assistant facilitator perceiving this process, as couples “drank from the cup of the “Water of Life” and grew in understanding toward the other in their shared sacred relational space. With gratitude to Hedy/Yumi for their compassionate service to the work of raising consciousness and creating a relationally mature planet. Fondly, Margie Grebin, M.S., Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

  78. Adrian R. Medina, MA, LMFT in California

    Dear Hedy and Yumi,
    What a pleasure and treat to be assisting with the two of you at the workshop. I was truly inspired to watch you work masterfully, effectively, and deeply, with couples, on the spot, in front of the 60 plus attendees, all the while teaching all of us about living in connection, consciously in relationship. Even from the first day, to watch Hedy’s energy inspired energy in me. No, her energy and positiveness infected me.
    By the 3rd day, I found myself interacting joyfully with couples as they requested assistance when they were stuck. I was able to say something like “Great! You’re having conflict! What an opportunity!” and then help them see that they were already being given a chance to apply what they were, even in that moment, learning. It was wonderful!
    I’ve already begun to listen to the first CD I purchased to provide a review of my experience and further solidify some of the gains that I had during the workshop.
    I’ve had my first day back today with 9 appointments, and was more energetic and motivated than ever to see my clients, both couples and individuals. To be honest though, I found that I was a little “off” with my couples, but only because I’m needing to integrate my new learning with the way I was doing things before — that always happens when I’ve learned something that makes so much sense and I want to apply it.
    I’m grateful and honored that I had the opportunity to meet you both and watch you work.

  79. Shiri Lupovich, Israel

    Only three days passed from our meeting in the Art of Relational Couples Therapy training this week, and I already have a very big reason to thank you.
    On the day after the workshop I got a phone call from a couple who asked for my help. After talking to them on the phone, it was very clear to me that the thing they needed the most was an encounter.
    I set up a 4 hour meeting with them for this morning (today), and so I had two days to get ready…
    I went over all the materials in my notebook, and created small cards for myself with the complete structure of your wonderful model.

    They came to me with a deep dispare and almost no hope, after trying “normal” couples therapy for a whole year. They told me I’m their last chance. What a very big responsibility! But I knew that after meeting you, I had the “magic cook book” for enabling couples to meet. Meet for real.

    I’m excited and so very happy to tell you, that after four hours with me, they went home hugging and with enlightened smiles on their faces. And a new hope in their heart. I have followed your model exactly, one step after the other. I have to tell you, it is working like magic!

    Thank you so very much, for making me able to save this couple.
    Thank you for teaching me how to take two persons who love each other deeply, and connect them in a way I never thought possible before.
    Thank you for your kindness and willingness to “download” everything you know, all your wisdom which was developed for so many years, into me.
    Thank you for adding your amazing presence to this wisdom, and thus making it possible to connect with me and transplant all of this directly into my hart.

    Your workshop was one of THE best workshops I have ever taken. It changed my life.

  80. naomi kirsh

    Dear Hedy & Yumi
    The harmonious way in which you speak & act together was a very inspiring experience for me. You actually show & live your message. It gives hope for humanity.. excuse my English.. Naomi

  81. Haya Hoffmann

    I found the training I participated in very inspiring, I was kind of enchanted by the way hedy, so delicately , led the couple to such an understanding of the hardships in their relations. it was the first time I’ve attended such a training and it was quite an experience. Thank you and G’d bless you.Now I hope my son, who is 28, will be helped by yeshpe volunteers and find a nice girl to marry. All the best. Haya

  82. rivka shimon

    Inspiration is not even the exact word to describe my feelings at the end of the day we spent in Jerusalem with Hedy and Yumi, a day organized for Yashfe organization. I really prefer the Hebrew word that Heddy used- Shcinah= G-d’s presense. Even though Heddy comes with a stong Agenda and system’ what I loved about her is the fact that when I spoke to her later about my difficulties’ she said- leave the Agenda, just go on with your intuition.
    I respect such attitude.
    It happened that day that my youngest daughter, yiska, aged 15 didn’t go to school and joined me for the whole course. I think she gained and learnt a lesson that will go with her throughout life.
    Heddy gives hope for better married life, hope that it is possible. In a world such as today that questions marriage, family and parenthood, Heddy and Yumi’s goal is a necessity.
    G-d bless you!



  83. Nechama Frisch

    Thank you for the wonderfull day at Yashfe. I”ll be glad to be informed of other meetings with your method in Israel.

  84. Margery Silverton, LCSW-C, Imago therapist (Annapolis, Maryland)

    I recently attended Hedy’s three day training with the Mid-atlantic Imago Therapists organization in Maryland. I always knew of Hedy’s power, having seen her in action as a co-trainee with Harville Hendrix back in 1991. Since then, I have taken a few of her trainings here and there and have been impressed, but in this last one, she surpassed even herself in the power of her wise presence, the high level integration of neuro-science and spirituality, and the brilliant simplicity of her concepts. Beyond all that, I came away a changed person…more alive to my couples, more confident in my ability to help them, more passionate about the work of Imago therapy. Hedy’s trainings bring together a life-time of experience, knowledge, and passion to create nothing short of transformation in the person of the therapist.

  85. Dr Ifat Levavi

    I saw hedy in a tv programme about couple’s therapy and was moved by her work and personality. Then, I participated in the last seminar she gave in israel with esther pearl. Whenever I see her helping a couple to visit the neighborhood of one another I find myself in tears.

  86. Daphne Lewin

    Having had the opportunity of listening to Hedy’s inspirational talk on the miracle of connection almost 2 years ago, listening to her CD’s and absorbing the message embedded in her the ‘vist across the bridge’ video, I felt that I had made another spurt of growth and heightened awareness in my spiritual development. I felt that I really knew them. Meeting Hedy as well as Yumi in person, has been a real experience for me. In truth, I feel they are a real gift to the world. The entire workshop was a symbol of connection; Hedy’s welcomming openness, warmth, freeness of spirit, self-confidence, her relational work with couples and her masterful knowledge and skills was evident in the group, and held my attention throughout the entire training, with an heightened feeling of awareness. Hedy has imparted to me (and to the group) superior knowledge on how to really connect with people in a group setting, knowledge and skills on the capacity of the brain to heal relationships, and have demonstrated the professional skills required for effective Imago couples work to take place. Hedy and Yumi exudes love, warmth, compassion and autencity. The experience left me with a feeling of freeness and a vision of having regained my confidence of meeting others with open heart and arms.

  87. Ethel Zivotofsky,LCSW,U.S.A.

    I had the privilege of assisting Hedy and Yumi at a recent Adventure in Intimacy workshop. What an amazing experience to observe Hedy work with couples during live demonstrations! I was touched by the way couples were transformed and deepened their relationships; they began to heal after years of hurt, frustration and hopelessness. I felt blessed to be part of this life affirming work and to have the opportunity to use what I was learning in the service of others . I was touched by the trust of the participants, their gratitude for my assistance and their openness.
    I was vitalized, eager to bring what I had learned to clients and to visit across the bridge with my husband as soon as possible.

  88. Patricia H Cook, LMSW

    I have been an Imago couples therapist for 17 years now, and feel deeply blessed to to do this sacred life-enhancing work. I recently assisted Hedy and Yumi in their Adventure in Intimacy workshop. I am in awe of the deep love and honor they manifest to one another and to everyone present. They have a way of encouraging all of us to grow into our highest self. Each time I hear them present their ideas, I learn more and hear more deeply. The days flew by and I came away with a deeper understanding of myself and the power of the “visit across the bridge”. Their work is powerful and profound, and it was a privilege to be of assistance.

  89. Cathy Hoffman

    I had the privilege of assisting at a recent Adventure in Intimacy workshop. Hedy and Yumi offer couples transformation as individuals and in relationship, renewing and nourishing the sacred space that constitutes their union. They do this with grace, humility and deep love; not only for each other, but for the individuals present and for the world community at large. They are an inspiration to all who open-heartedly embrace this work.

  90. Judith Mishkin Miller

    First, let me say that being in the presence of Hedy was such a gift and inspiration. She truly is what she practices with couples: present, vibrant, authentic, and loving. Seeing her with Yumi just accentuated this.
    Secondly, the fact that she brings a spirituality into the imago work has made me embrace the Imago much more than I had previously.
    Although I do not have any couples in my Practice at present, I have made use of the numerous concepts Hedy taught and illustrated during the training. I love the concept of the “Sacred Space” and our responsibility to clear it of the pollutants. I believe that space exists between any two people, including client and therapist. Putting a name to it just brings it more to life, which I find important in our work to create the environment necessary for learning and growth.
    The concept of ‘I” and Thou” and the invisible threads of intimacy are each invaluable in the work I am doing and in my life as a wife, mother and friend.
    The importance of eye contact and touching has made me rethink how I set up my office when I work with couples, and making it routine for me to not see a couple for less than 90 minutes per session. (No wonder I was always running over with my clients in Miami!).
    I could go on and on. Let me just say that I felt an internal shift in me as a result of that weekend training. I believe I grew as a person as well as a therapist. I look forward to learning more……

  91. Donna Searle LCSW (Virginia, USA)

    This is the basic truth of life. It is presented in a clear, organized, passionate manner. In the workshop Hedy crosses the bridge with each participant; you learn about it and it is taking place, all at the same time. I learned a lot and I am excited
    about doing this with the members of the military that I work with.

  92. Stefanie Barthmare, LPC

    After sharing my experience with a number of colleagues, friends and patients and listening to Hedy’s CD collection at least twice, I have had some time to relive and remember many memorable things about the exceptional training i participated in at the Art of Relational Couples Therapy 2-day training.
    However, what is most significant to me at this moment, is something one of the clients in the live demo said on the end of the second day. This woman, still courageously trying to love her husband after almost 30 years of hurt, disappointment and frustration was much like the patients I see in my own practice. She was less than convinced that this work would help her and yet she said the most profound thing to her beloved when Hedy asked the couple to appreciate one another for participating in the “Crossing the Bridge” exercise. Her words, “Thank you, [husband], for noticing when I left you and coming back across the bridge to get me,” are still ringing in my heart. Why? Because to me they are the essence Martin Buber’s “I-Thou” philosophy and of what it means to be in relationship. We always know when we’ve left-on all levels and all those survival patterns and old feelings of isolation, hopelessness and defensiveness kick in. Ah, but, when the other notices we have left and is willing to put out the energy to notice and come and get us, we feel fully alive, wanted, loved.

    Hedy’s teaching style, clear attention and magnanimous spirit helped me on many levels, but mostly it confirmed what I only sensed when I watched her videos on-line and on UTube, that when one is with Hedy, one is truly in the presence of greatness.

  93. Nicolee McMahon MFT from San Diego, CA

    The Art of Relational Couples Therapy Training was a transformative experience for me personally and professionally. The didactic presentation was clear, accessible and filled with warmth and humor. The 2 live demonstrations opened my heart and mind to new dimensions of what is possible for couples and the potential for bringing more kindness and compassion into our world.

  94. Joan Seiffert

    “Crossing the Bridge” has been liberating for me and many couples. I am even freer than usual to use my own hard-earned life experience in the service of others. I have ordered CD’s for my married daughter and son-in-law. Moreover, I enjoyed the training, even made a new friend.

  95. Leo Dhont

    I found the training to be a very valuable expansion and deepening of the Imago approach to couples therapy. I have already experienced it as a paradigm shift in my work with couples. I look forward to more exposure and time with Hedy to increase my skills.

  96. Patti Rausch, LMFT

    Working with clients since the Tikkun Training has been an effortless joy. Each session is punctuated with squeals of excitement (from either the clients or myself) and always exclamations of “I never realized…”
    I am energized and so thankful to have attended.

  97. Margaret MacKenzie, Therapist

    As a seasoned Imago Therapist I am touched and humbled by the personal growth that happens when I allow myself to really experience the Adventure In Intimacy workshop as a participant with my wonderful partner.

  98. Josh Gressel, PH.D., Imago Therapist

    This year I was able to see them (Hedy and Yumi’s unique stories during the presentation), for what I think they are: the most refined vehicles available to deliver the message with the greatest nutritional value. . . pure gold didactic devices.

    • Ellie Lipsit

      I haven’t seen Hedy for ages but I can say she is the most remarkable, lovely, kind, spiritual woman I have ever met. I came to all the seminars she had in Florida, and I fell in love with her. She is amazing. My home then was in Winter Park. I am quite sure she doesn’t remember me but I hugged her in the airport, the shoe makers shop and at a seminar.